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Questioning your Success???

by on Apr.28, 2010, under General

I’ve been doing some thinking about some recent failures in my life and it’s started me asking questions about succeeding. I know that without failures success is not possible. I also realize success does NOT come easy. For those of you who think success isn’t supposed to hurt, consume your time or elevate your stress, well guess again. The road to success will allow you to feel all three of those pains and often times all at the same time. Perhaps that’s why most of us give up. It may be to much for us to bear, in which case we have succumb to our level of success. Which in turn is the cross-roads in which we start questioning our success. I guess a clear place to start on the road to success is to define what success means to you personally. Does it mean riches, fine cars, jewelery, big house, exotic travel? Perhaps it means becoming financially independent, with a modest home, modest car, with a loving family. It might mean starting a successful business from the ground up and watching it grow or putting your education to work and climbing the corporate ladder. It could be a combination of any of those things. The point is to define your success and develop a strategy for accomplishing it. The belief I have is, if you’re not feeling hurt, stressed or consumed you’re not pushing yourself towards your goal. According to a quote I once heard, “An average person will hear they have a 1 in 10 chance of succeeding and never try, where a successful person will understand they need to fail 9 times before finally succeeding.” If that statement is true, the odds of success are already stacked against us. It’s up to us, as individuals to determine whether or not we push on or compromise our goals and become complacent. The trouble with walking the road to success is failing again and again causes us to start making excuses on why we SHOULDN’T do this as opposed to giving reasons why we SHOULD do this. I encourage you my friends, when you reach your own crossroads, give yourself a reason not an excuse and remember, you’re only feeling this way because your working harder than the ‘average you’ would. I found regrouping, reaffirming my goals and restructuring them as well is the fuel to keep moving forward. Henry Ford said “Failure is an opportunity to the same over again with more intelligence.” Just as a weightlifter who struggles to lift 300lbs once and eventually finds himself lifting it 10 times, so to shall we reach a point where our money starts working for us and the effort becomes easier. Then, if we dare, we stretch ourselves AGAIN!


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  • Silentcat

    I believe we are given the drive to succeed. Mediocre is only acceptable to those who have been conditioned to be mediocre. The country we live in has recognized our ability to rise to the level of our incompetence. I fear too many people stop when it becomes hard. The greatest gift the military gave me was teaching me that no matter the obstacle I COULD overcome it. I learned I could do things I never thought myself capable of. The saying is, “You improvise, you adapt, you overcome!” It was a great philosophy for the military (where we had to overcome the idiots above us lol) and it is a great philosophy for life. Decide WHERE you want to be. Decide the route you will take. And always be willing to adjust your strategy to achieve your goals. All of us are capable of rising to the level of our incompetence. (Attaining a goal much higher than we imagine, yet never above our ability)


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