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Time to start this up…..

by on Nov.29, 2012, under General

I think it’s time I started to “blog” again. I’ve NEVER been much of a “blogger”, however I feel the need to voice my opinion and provide information to people looking for it.

I’ll start with this, an email I sent to the Today Show & Lou Manfredini;

Lou Manfredini should becareful of his nationally broadcast comments. In regards to his segment today on air filters, filter manufacturers market their filters as lasting ‘upto 3 three months’. According to Lou’s explanation, you put it in and ‘change it 3 months later’. Due to the vast differences in lifestyles, filters may get dirty sooner in some homes over others and would need to be changed sooner. Dirty filters cause furnace and Air Conditioning problems and breakdowns. Filter manufacturers, such as the 3m brand he displayed had to change their marketing of the filter and added disclaimers to the packaging to alleviate liability.

Since it was broadcast on your show, viewers may want to hold blame for any faults incurred due to false information.

Of course I do not expect you to just take my word for it, (if this email even gets read). However, the research is simple and the best place to start would be the filter packaging. Lou simply just made a common mistake.

I share this information with you as a 21yr HVAC industry professional, indoor air quality expert, N.A.T.E. Certified and E.P.A. Certified Technician. I also own a Heating & Cooling Company in Lemont, Il. and Instruct in the off seasons.

Best Regards!

The concern I have with this, MILLIONS of people listed and trust the information Lou provides, and shows like the Today show broadcast. I do not want to blow a simple mistake out of proportion, but It would really be discouraging for Lou to be more ‘show’ focused than passing on accurate information. Meaning this, since in the broadcast he used specific brand names, there had to be some endorsements going on. Endorsements help shows by establishing trust and credibility and increasing show longevity. Thereby increasing ratings and profit. Not to mention selling more of the endorsed products. If Lou was more focused on getting those endorsements rather than providing accurate information, that would be problematic.

This was the first time I caught misinformation because it happened to be on a subject I know very well. There were other issues in the broadcast but I will not go into them here. I will simply say this, indoor air quality is not a ‘cookie cutter’ solution. Different people have different needs and concerns. Before generalizing products, you MUST examine the individual needs, concerns and goals. Only then can products be recommended.

An example of such would be suggesting a UV light for mold control. Now while this is an effective solution, one must realize UV emits ozone and if a person is sensitive to ozone it may pose problems OR ozone has been proven to cause respiratory problems, if a person had breathing issues or heart issues you would need to know that before installing a UV light. It may even be simpler, a UV light will control mold growth and let’s say the person does not have any health concerns regarding the UV, after the initial UV installation there is REQUIRED annual maintenance that needs to be done otherwise the UV will not work as rated. With that maintenance is expense, if a person is not prepared to handle that annual expense the UV method becomes ineffective.

So for Lou and the Today show to run a segment on this WITHOUT disclaimers or further suggestion on using these products is a problem for general consumers. I’m sure the product manufacturers would not want to sell products to people with out these recommendations. The reason I’m sure is because they put disclaimers directly on their packaging or in their instruction manuals. In a much smaller print of course.

This is where the need for me to start ‘Blogging’ comes into play. People need a place to go to get unbiased, accurate, professional information. Because I’m not driven by profit you can trust my information will always be in your best concern. If the Karma Gods see fit to let me start generating a profit, I promise here and now to continue on that same principle.

It’s too important not too!


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